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Re: Pre-intellectualized precision.

pumpkineater23 Jun 11, 2012 6:50 AM
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pumpkineater23 wrote:
> Is that what it is?  Is there a name for it? It's not just luck.
> It's the crumpling up of some paper and throwing it into the bin example - if
> I take the time to aim, think about the launch, the angle, the amount of power
> behind the throw, which part of my hand/fingers the ball of paper will contact
> as it leaves, so I completely miss the bin. If it's sudden and instinctive
> with no thought attached it's usually bang on target. Sometimes it's the same
> with practising juggling - the first few times are the best. It should be that
> if I can do something once then surely I am quite capable of doing it, so why
> can't I do it again? Why can't I always do it? A part of me 'deeper down' is
> well able to do it, I just can't access it. Bloody annoying. It's almost as if
> there is something inbuilt that stops us progressing too far/quickly. If only
> I could have it removed, or bypass it in some way. It works against us in
> other ways too, like when someone says "Don't think of a carrot,"  If I try to
> be instinctive with juggling then immediately I am not.

Thanks for the recommended books, I was thinking there probably would be. I
had a strange experience a couple of weeks ago while practising inverted box
with the crossed underarm vertical throws/catches. I thought on a whim I'd try
throwing the horizontal ball behind my neck. The first few attempts were an
instant drop, then suddenly and almost as if by magic I did it - seven or
eight throws from side to side, a solid, level, flowing pattern running for
several seconds. Immediately after I really thought I could do it but haven't
been able to AT ALL since.

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