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Re: synch siteswap causal diagram

Miika May 15, 2012 10:32 PM
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nopoetsplease wrote:
> fair play, i'm double posting this: r.j and on jugglingedge.
> i can't quite get my head around how to draw causal diagrams for synch
> siteswaps.
> in vanilla siteswaps, the dots representing the "hands" are
> isometric/staggered to show the alternating throws. in synch, are the dots
> lined up?
> also, if i'm drawing the path of the 6x in a (6x 4)*, obviously projecting
> the path six places will land it on the same hand. do you draw the path to
> the seventh place or the 5th? or am i missing the point entirely?

 The dots line up in synch.

 In a ladder diagram, you draw paths for all the objects and a 6x will
land three pairs of dots forward on the other side. (Dwell times are
ignored so it leaves the hand immediately.)

 In a causal diagram the paths don't indicate objects, but the reason or
cause those hands need to be emptied. This is basically a ladder diagram
with all the arrows arriving as many beats earlier, as there are hands
used in the pattern. Causal diagrams are most often used with passing

 A quick comparison of these two different diagrams for (6x,4)*:



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