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Bart Bobbitt: 20-shot 3.325" group at 800 yards

Bartbob May 10, 1997 12:00 AM
Posted in group: rec.guns

I've heard that my name was mispelled in John Krieger's PS Magazine ad,
but I don't take Precision Shooting anymore.  Guess I'll have to call
Krieger and suggest someone check the information I sent them. Thanks to
this post's author for spelling it correctly and for the kind words, too.

Although this 20-shot group is impressive to some folks, it is very
representative of what modern Palma rifles can do.  Several folks have
rifles and load ammo that reqularly performs just as well.  And there's a
few that, in my opinion, shoot a little bit better.  They use Stolle
Panda, Paramount/RPA, Win. M70, or square-bottom-sleeved Rem. M700/40X
actions, but usually with Krieger or Obermeyer or Medesha barrels.

I only wish I could shoot groups like that with metallic sights when the
wind blows and I'm not using a front-hand rest.

Bart Bobbitt