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Stupidest death EVER

Jonadab the Unsightly One Mar 10, 2012 2:29 PM
Posted in group:
That game was going so well.  I had practically everything I needed.
Okay, there were a couple of things I still _wanted_ (not least, DSM),
but I could have got them with the castle wand, no problem.  My
Samurai was sufficiently high-level to go on the quest whenever I
decided to get around to it.  I had a really good stash, and had
identified almost all of the really important things (the only really
notable exception being scroll of genocide).  I was ready to go into
the castle and get the wand.

So I came to Medusa's level, and rather than take any dangerous
risks with such a promising game, I trotted back upstairs looking
for polearm, so I could take out the moat createres with no risk
of drowning.  Safer that way.  I found a bec de corbin, brought it
back down, went ahead and put on my ring of levitation just in case
a typo plonked me in the drink, and prepared to start killing eels.

Huh?  I can't apply a pole-arm while wearing a shield?  Okay, so I
checked that there were no other monsters around (dragons, for
instance) that would be a problem, then took off my shield of
reflection and started killing eels with the bec de corbin.

Can you guess what I forgot to do when I was done with the polearm?