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Sexuality (was Re: Gaming...)

Lovecraft Apr 25, 1997 12:00 AM
Posted in group:

>Yeah, but I do find it interesting that you (and Daer) broadcast
>your sexuality so much.  Tis not a thing you see heterosexuals doing.  
>It makes me wonder if you are doing it to troll for reactions or you
>are doing it for self-reinforcement in a bigoted society.

>        I personally don't care either way (the person who cleans my
>house isn't heterosexual), but I don't trumpet my heterosexuality in
>the same way you all do (correct me if I'm wrong <grin>).


Well, I must comment. I am new to this group but not Ultima. Been playing
it since '84. As a gay gamer (gaymer?) it's difficult to feel a part of a
hobby that so far I've only had straight friends in. D&D, and rpg's of all
kinds have been a special thing for me but none of my gay friends have
ever gotten into them. So I hang with the het's.

Now, the problem for me was when ever someone would use the word faggot or
gay to mean "less than" or "of inferior quality", i.e. "That song is so
gay." or "That Dragon was such a faggot." I started with a slight cough or
ahem which would produce a mumbled, "oh..sorry...", but not 10 minutes
later another affront. It's like playing with a black friend and saying
"That Dragon was such a nigger." We just wouldn't do it no matter what we
said in private. We've been trained.

The main point, though, for me is that heterosexuals don't realize how
much they take for granted. You can say anywhere and to anyone you want,
"Last night me and my girlfriend went to the movies." I have to do a major
safety think in the span of 2 seconds when asked am I seeing anyone. I am.
HIS name is Chris. Now I could play the game with the name Chris being
non-gender specific, but hets don't ever have to think about it. They can
walk hand in hand, kiss in public, etc. When gays do it, we're accused of
"flaunting our sexuality."

The best moment in CRPGing was in U6. I had sex with the gypsy guy, not
the girl. What an incredible thing for Origin to do. So far it's never
happened again in any game I've played.

Well, that's my 2 cents. I hope you take this as information and not any
kind of attack. Sometimes all we need is a little info that we didn't have

Nick Nova