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American cars SUCK!

SteevenB Aug 20, 1995 12:00 AM
Posted in group: (Javier) wrote:
>(snippity doo fah on the anti american diatribe)

>.. they spend all the money that should be used for
>education and health care on the military.

personally Flamebait I agree with ya there...
BUT that is the extent of it..........
yer spamming is out of line
 + yer point  (if there is one to yer rant)
is lost on you hate Americans? Do you hate american cars?
Who gives a rats ass?

Do you have doody in your whiny boy diaper?

I see yer country's "endless winter" has froze yer brains ->
SteevenB reccommends ya put yer head in the oven and crank it up
.................there feel better?? I know I do.
ride to eat, eat to ride