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Speaking of "Best Seller Showcase" ( was Re: LOTR strip?)

DD DEGG CO Feb 2, 2005 6:58 PM
Posted in group: rec.arts.comics.strips
Can anyone confirm/correct my listing for this series?

"Best Seller Showcase (featuring...)"
August 15, 1977 - ?July 30, 1978?
created and edited by Elliot Caplin
?text adaptation by Elliot Caplin?
distributed by UPS

"Best Seller Showcase featuring Raise the Titanic"
by Clive Cussler
August 15, 1977 - October 9, 1977
art by Frank Bolle (unsigned)

"Best Seller Showcase featuring Storm Warning"
by Jack Higgins
October 10, 1977 - December 4, 1977
art by Winslow Mortimer (unsigned)

"Best Seller Showcase featuring The Chancellor Manuscript"
by Robert Ludlum
December 5, 1977 - February 12, 1978
art by Frank Bolle (unsigned)

"Best Seller Showcase featuring The Sword of Shannara"
by Terry Brooks
February 13, 1978 - April 9, 1978
art by Gray Morrow (signed)

"Best Seller Showcase featuring The Second Deadly Sin"
by Lawrence Sanders
April 10, 1978 - ?June 4, 1978?
art by Frank Bolle (unsigned)

"Best Seller Showcase featuring Illusions"
by Richard Bach
?June 5, 1978? - ?July 30, 1978?
art by Gray Morrrow (?signed?)

The paper I was getting this out of stopped running the
strip with The Second Deadly Sin adaptation.

Corrections, additions, confirmations
are happily accepted.