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Re: Beginning with RWH?

David Fries Mar 25, 2009 5:23 AM
Posted in group: Real World Haskell Book Club
I agree with the others. The tutorials at are
a good & free resource to get you started.

Further, I can recommend 'Programming in Haskell' by Graham Hutton as
an introductory text for people without any prior knowledge of
functional programming. The book doesn't go into too much detail, but
it covers many fundamental concepts, has many examples and exercises.
(it mentions little I/O and no concurrency or other advanced stuff,
though) But if you already read up to chapter 10 in RHW, almost
everything in Hutton's book will be a repetition for you. On the other
hand it is sometimes helpful to read about the same concepts again
from a second point of view...

On 25 Mrz., 00:31, TomAmundsen <> wrote:
> Hi All,
> Did anyone here pick up RWH without any prior knowledge, and then blow
> through the entire book while understanding everything? This was going
> to be my approach, until I think I didn't exactly `grok' some stuff
> around Chapter 9-10. Now I feel that I am learning very little in
> subsequent chapters because I didn't lay the foundation. (Note that
> I've been programming for like 6 years in imperative languages, and
> have had brief introducitons to Lisp and OCaml)
> Is this not really supposed to be an introductory book, as it appears
> to be marketed? If not, can anyone suggest a better introduction that
> can prepare me for the concepts in RHW?