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Re: [razor-qt] Trimming Razor dependencies' dependencies

Christian Surlykke Apr 3, 2012 1:16 PM
Posted in group: Razor-qt

2012/4/3 Jerome Leclanche <>
I'd like to give a quick heads-up and update on what needs to be trimmed within our dependencies. Razor ideally functions within a pure-qt environment, so we always assume our users don't want GTK/GNOME/KDE dependencies.

 - Lightdm is an annoying one. Its end-dependencies are slim, but it requires a lot of crap in order to build. I filed the following bugs for it but it's not enough:
It also assumes a lot of gtk-related rt deps. Ideally, we should coordinate with the lightdm devs here to have something nicely platform-agnostic but I don't know any of them. Anyone up for the task?

Maybe I should volunteer, as I'm the one who pulled this mess into Razor :-)

Looking through the lightdm-qt code it seems that there is a dependency on glib. Other dependecies seem to come from packaging, either at Launchpad or at the variaous distributions, so we should be able to work around those (hopefully).

The question is: Is the glib dependency acceptable? If not, we should probably remove the lightdm-greeter from razor. 

br. Chr.