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Fwd: Medical Timeline project for GSoC 2012

N B Prashanth Mar 24, 2012 2:02 AM
Posted in group: Raxa JSS EMR Contributors
Hi all,

I am Prashanth, a final year student of BE in Electronics &
Communication. I have a great deal of interest in biology as well as
programming. I found the project - Medical timeline - listed on the
RAXA ideas page to be highly interesting. In my opinion, the project
seems to have great potential. I have brainstormed a bit and looked up
at EXTJS 4. I have also been searching for other libraries that
already exist, that can be customized to our needs. One of them would
be timeglider - (there should be more).
Customizing this javascript library would enable rapid development of
the concept. Below are a few ideas i have for the project.

1. The timeline should be easy to read. This is of high importance as
there is bound to be a lot of information most of which a doctor might
not want to spend time on. He/she would want to concentrate on the big
picture. If a person has say, diabetes, that is important. But a visit
to a doctor for say, common cold is not.

One way to solve this issue would be to use bigger font sizes and a
variety of colors to indicate the event. Diabetes would be a big font
with a red background. Similarly if a lab test was done and the
reports were negative for a disease, it could have a green background
and so on.

The basic idea here being that the doctor would not miss much if he
takes a look only at the items marked in red. Thus he would have a
decent idea of the patient's medical history.

2. Timeline should not display all information regarding the visit
upfront. Only key data is displayed (such as final diagnosis). On
clicking, more information such as the drugs prescribed and lab test
results can be shown.  This ensures a clean look for the application.

3. There should be an easy way to write to the application. Ideally, a
web based form would be enough. How that is managed would depend on
the technology we make use of. (Pure JS, python or desktop app with
embedded web page viewer? - just a few rough ideas here.)

4. Export and import features are critical to this project in my
opinion. Without it, this project would not make much sense and the
timeline is likely to be duplicated and broken by visits to different
hospitals or doctors. This defeats the purpose of the project.

Such a feature would depend on the framework used as it depends on the
model that is used to store data. Ex: timeglider uses JSON. Others may
prefer XML. Also this would determine the way in which a doctor or a
user enters the data to be added on to the timeline.

5. Ideally, the timeline should contain options to store data such as
scan images, reports, prescriptions etc, the complete set of medical

These are a few things i came up with. They are just my thoughts on
the project. It is, at the moment, a rough draft. I would be glad to
refine it further in the next few days accumulating new ideas. I would
welcome any suggestions that you may have as well and corrections in
case i misunderstood the intent of the project.