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Backup - Best Practices/Preferred Method?

BAM Apr 9, 2012 11:12 AM
Posted in group: RavenDB - 2nd generation document database
I know this question was raised before at least once ( but as I haven't seen a definitive reply I thought I'd re-post the question.

I know basically the approaches fall into two categories:
 1. Some sort of file backup (e.g. VSS) on the Raven data file
 2. Utilizing the Raven Backup Utility (I'm including backups done through the studio in this category, though that may not be technically accurate)

Is one approach recommended over the other?

In my case I'm inclined favor the first approach. My thinking is that we are already doing it for files/documents stored on our network so presumably it will minimize the new stuff we'll have to implement.

As I'm still new to Raven I'm afraid I might be missing something.

So are there reasons I should favor the other approach? Is one approach preferred over the other based upon DB usage/configuration (e.g. multi vs single tenant)?