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Railo Express on Jetty + Mura + Tuckey Rewrite Filter

Cameron Childress Jul 24, 2012 6:45 AM
Posted in group: Railo
I'm having a bit of a challenge getting Tuckey Rewriting to work w/Railo Express, or maybe it's a Mura problem (but I really think it's the rewrite filter at this point). I've posted on the Mura forums without luck and on the Tuckey Rewrite list without luck, now I am posting here.

I'm trying to rewrite basic URL strings in Mura to be translated from /index.cfm/page/ to /index.cfm?path=/page/. Seems easy right? YES, in fact it is easy. The URL rewriting works fine, Mura works fine on all navigation URLS. What's not working fine is FORMS. If I am posting any form variables, they don't seem to be making their way through the filter. I've verified this by dumping the #form# scope in onRequestStart() - it's empty (but the URL vars have been properly rewritten). 

If I post to a URL that doesn't trigger the rewrite filter (/?display=login), the form variables work. If I post to a URL that DOES trigger rewriting (/index.cfm/page/?display=login), no form variable are getting through.

The form is posting fine, the firleds are all being sent to the server properly (Charles tells me so), the variables just aren't showing up in Railo. I'm at a bit of a loss as to where to debug next.

I've uploaded my rules file here: 

My Railo / Jetty config file is here: 

Does anyone see anything obviously wrong here? Perhaps there is another non-Tuckey solution I should pursue instead? Suggestions?


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