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Re: [railo] Railo Memory Monitor Plugin

Michael Offner Feb 22, 2012 12:37 PM
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sorry i have not seen your attachments before, this graph looks fine to me, perhaps we need a graph for a longer period, not just a hour, you can change above up to a week. of course the data are logged beginning with the installation of the extension.


2012/2/22 Michael Offner <>
send a graph to the list. then we will perhaps see a pattern.

The "Memory Monitor" ist just the first peace of the puzzle, there will following more:
- Scopes Monitor:  shows how many objects are in all scopes over all contextes. 
- Request Log Monitor: shows a request history that can be filtered by (app/query) execution time.
- Running Requests Monitor: you see all request currently running, you can get detailed information about this request and stop them
... and more


2012/2/22 Peter Amiri <>

This is running on one of our problematic shared hosting servers. Since it's a shared environment I don't really have the option of optimizing the code. This server will run for about 7-10 days without crashing. I'd like to know based on the graphs how can we better optimize the jvm on this server. This is a apache/resin/railo install with the following jvm arguments:

Peter Amiri
Founder | Alurium Cloud Computing |
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On Feb 22, 2012, at 4:12 AM, Michael Offner wrote:

We have improved the installer for the extension.
- the installer now checks for the right Railo Version (Railo>= 
- we have a better installation confirmation text "The Memory Monitor App is now successful installed, you need to restart the Servlet Container (not only Railo) before you can use the App."
- you get a better error message when you only have restarted Railo and not the Servlet Container "You need to restart the Servlet Container (not only Railo) before you can use the App."

We also try to improve the app in general that in a upcoming release a restart after the installation no longer is necessary

what you exactly mean? can you give me a example?


2012/2/21 Peter Amiri <>
I have this running on a couple servers as well. Micha is there any information on how to interpret the graphs. How do we make the information actionable?

Peter Amiri
Founder | Alurium Cloud Computing |
LinkedIn: | IM bpamiri (AIM/MSN/Y!/GTLK/SKYPE)

On Feb 21, 2012, at 3:09 AM, Meikel wrote:

Hi all,
I tested it on Version Railo final.


On Feb 21, 9:04 am, Rob Langlands <> wrote:
I got that exact error with my Railo Express 3.2 version. I upgraded to
Railo Express 3.3.1 and it works fine. Also works fine on production
install too.

Rob L

On 12-02-21 2:53 AM, Meikel wrote:

Hi all,
I restarted the server after installing memory manager.
If I click on monitor ->  memory the following error appears:

key [TIME5M] doesn't exist in struct

The Error Occurred in
\Action.cfc: line 37

     35:<!--- all timeranges --->
     36:<cfset req.ranges=query(
     37: label:
[lang.time5m,lang.time15m,lang.time30m,lang.time1h,lang.time2h,lang.time4h, lang.time12h,lang.time1d,lang.time2d,lang.time3d,lang.time4d,lang.time5d,la ng.time6d,lang.time7d],
     38: value:
     39: )>

called fromD:\Inetpub\wwwroot\WEB-INF\railo\context\admin\plugin
\Plugin.cfc: line 60
called from/Users/mic/Projects/Railo/Source2/railo/railo-cfml/railo-
admin/admin/plugin.cfm: line 50
called from/Users/mic/Projects/Railo/Source2/railo/railo-cfml/railo-
admin/admin/web.cfm: line 331
called from/Users/mic/Projects/Railo/Source2/railo/railo-cfml/railo-
admin/admin/server.cfm: line 2

Any ideas?

Thank you


On Feb 20, 8:21 pm, Michael Offner<>  wrote:
yes the text is wrong, we will update this for next release and do a proper
error message for this case.


2012/2/20 Randy Merrill<>

Hey Micha,
I just installed it locally, pretty cool.
A note for others testing it out. When it says to restart railo after
installing it doesn't work to just restart the railo from the server admin,
you need to restart the entire container.
Randy Merrill