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R2C2 freeze

StarterKid May 6, 2012 12:46 PM
Posted in group: R2C2 - Support
Hey there,

I set up my MendelMax this weekend, plugged the r2c2 and everything was fine.
I did some checks and calibrated everything, nothing special to that point, except for the temperature sensor in the Extruder. It was fluctuating from 27°C up to 70°C, but the metal still was cold. 
The other temperature sensor stayed on about 19°C (Room-temp). Even after exchanging the two sensors it was the same.
After that I tried to print, but after the restart of the board it does not do anything :/
The counter in replicatorg stopped and nothing happens. Even though everything worked nice manually (heat up, motors, sensors,...).

I bought the StarterKit of R2C2 and made a Video of what happend.
I hope somebody can help