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[pygame] SGC 0.1.4 Released

Sam Bull Jun 8, 2012 4:54 AM
Posted in group: pygame mirror on google groups
I have been working on this toolkit as part of GSoC, and am ready to
announce the next beta release.

The main features of this release is more consistent widget sizing by
making labels external to their widgets. There has also been some work
on extending the support for events, with a new tutorial in the
documentation to explain how this works.

If you'd like to try it out, download the release code. As long as you
have Python 2 and Pygame installed, you should be able to run the
example file immediately.

To use it in your own projects, simply copy the 'sgc' sub-folder into
the top-level of your project or use to install it system-wide.

Please check it out at:

As before, you can check out the documentation at:
If you'd prefer an offline Devhelp version, there is a separate download
on Launchpad.

I'd appreciate any feedback on the project or the documentation,
including the new events tutorial.

Limitations still in this beta release:
        No Python 3 support.
        Using custom images is not documented or properly tested (coming
        in the next release).
        OpenGL support is not working in this release.
        There's an issue with transparency, so (0,0,0) means
        transparency in this release, if you find things are invisible
        try changing the colour (perhaps (0,0,1)).
        There's no developer documentation to help write your own