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Re: [PS1-Public] Re: Beer Church this Sunday 9/20 at Noon

Andy Pace Sep 23, 2012 7:44 PM
Posted in group: Pumping Station: One Public
The brew day was a success! We hit gravity spot on, but I can't actually remember if we hit volume. Do you Eric? Did we have 4.5-5gallons of wort after the boil?

Anyway, since I forgot to add the brown sugar, we're looking at lower gravity beer, and a bit lighter, but no big deal. It explains why we weren't even close to the projected pre-boil gravity too! Yay! (I just confirmed in my brewing wizard-like software, and it's spot on)

The yeast we used has a big fermentation temp range - 59F -> 75F, this thing should ferment nice and clean in the chamber

It also has a great smell to it, can't wait to see how it turns out. 

Oh yeah Eric here is some data for the wiki kthx nite:

Style: Spice/Pumpkin beer
Codename: idk make one up
Brewmaster: Andy Pace
Type: All-grain
Initial Gravity: 1.064
Final Gravity: 1.???
ABV: ?%
Brewed: 9/23/2012
Kegged: ?/?/2012
First served: ?/?/2012
Last served: ?/?/2012

Grain Bill:
1 lbs Rice Hulls
1 lbs Biscuit Malt
4 oz Crystal 80L
13 oz Crystal 60L
9 lbs Pale Malt

.5 tsp cinnamon
.5 tsp nutmeg
.5 tsp all spiace
.5 tsp pumpkin pie spice

Mash Schedule:
Type: Single infusion, full body
3.75gal of water @ 170
Target Temp: 156F (went too low to 152)
Start pH: no idea
Time: 60 mins
End Temp: no idea

4.5 gallons @ 170F

60 mins
Fuggles for 60min
Spice mixture for 10 mins
Chilled to pitching temp
Unsure of initial volume (someone should check next time you're at the space!)
OG: 1.064

Primary ferment: plastic tub
Pitched Safeale-05

1.064 OG
14 IBU
11.2 SRM 
6.3% ABV

On Sun, Sep 23, 2012 at 10:00 AM, Andy Pace <> wrote:

Yes please come!

On Sep 23, 2012 8:44 AM, "Tucker Tomlinson" <> wrote:
Hi All,

I'm new to the Chicago area and have been stumbling across links to Pumping Station: One every time I try to figure out how I'm going to do anything I did in my garage/yard before moving out here.  I just noticed your announcement for beer church and thought that would be a great chance to meet people in the group. Is it alright if I join you tomorrow? (I know it's late notice for this but I just found your post)

I used to do some brewing when I was out in PA, but sadly my keggle has been languishing since I moved out here to a small apartment. To make up I have been mixing up small cider batches on the stove. I currently have a batch of ginger cydem (apple mead) that I can bring to share if it's OK for me to join your little party.

(Also google groups is giving me an error message that 'Pumping Station: One' is not a valid cc address. Not sure what's up with that?)



On Thursday, September 20, 2012 10:57:56 AM UTC-4, Eric Stein wrote:
Hello all!

Beer Church this Sunday.  Be there or be square.  Discuss brewing in this thread as I have no plans on what exactly we are brewing this weekend, although Malerie was thinking of maybe Pumpkin beer.


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Andy Pace