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Re: Trying to get the Raw data

Benjamin Yolken Apr 11, 2011 9:10 PM
Posted in group: Google Public Data Explorer
I agree that the link doesn't go to the most helpful place in their
site. Try looking at this page instead:

Also, thanks for the feedback about allowing direct data downloads-
this is one of our top requested features, and we're actively
exploring its implementation in the product. Stay tuned.

Benjamin Yolken
Product Manager, Google Public Data Explorer

On Apr 11, 11:50 am, Nicholas Chong <>
> I am trying to obtain the raw data excel sheets used to product the
> graphs in this section
> I am following the link from where the data is located at UN Economic
> Commission for Europe (UNECE).
> But the link doesn't bring me to the actually area in where the data
> is located.  I have played around with the site in an attempt to find
> the data, but I am not having much luck.  Is there a way that the link
> can be directed directly to where the data is held?
> Or would it be possible to incorporate a download link by the data in
> where the raw data can be downloaded directly from the google public
> data page.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Nicholas Chong