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Re: [Prey-Security] Setting to missing

DLG Mar 11, 2012 7:30 PM
Posted in group: Prey
Sorry, it did not help.

When I enter the panel ( there is a menu on the top of the page stating: Devices  Settings  Accounts  Help

I understand the video on the youtube reports to the Settings option.
When I enter this option the only window I see is Notification.
The other windows that appeared on the video, like Information to gather, Actions to perform, Device information, Reports from browser do not appear to me!

I have logged to the page. I tried change from Firefox to Chrome and to IE, but it´s all the same.

What´s wrong?



Em domingo, 11 de março de 2012 22h07min29s UTC-3, Drew escreveu:
See if this helps…

On 12 Mar 2012, at 00:53, Décio Gazzoni wrote:

> I have tried hard to set the status of the notebook where I installed Prey to missing.
> FAQ say to go to Panel and set. I go there, look all around, but could not find out a place where I can say: my netbook is missing.
> How can I do that, step by step?
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