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Re: Laptop Preventive Measures

Ng DiHui May 2, 2012 2:58 AM
Posted in group: Prey
Dear Drew Reece,

Thank you very much for the information and I will contact the Prey
team for a better solution.

I appreciate your help and have a nice day.

On Apr 26, 6:00 pm, Ng DiHui <> wrote:
> To all,
> My name is Ng DiHui and I am from Malaysia. Previously, I was one of the
> member for my university's Student Representative Council.
> Since I be in the board, I realized that the students lost their laptop
> frequently and there are reports almost weekly.
> Recently, the theft case happens more rampantly than before. Students feel
> unsafe with their belonging leaving in house and carry their laptop
> everywhere they go.
> Some of them are poor students and they bought the laptop with their
> parents hard earned money. I very pity them and really want to help them,
> and prevent the theft being so violent.
> I found your web service and found that it is very useful in preventing
> theft cases in my university. May I know if it is applicable in Malaysia?
> The pro-package is quite expensive for the students to sign up for it.
> Can you lower the price, since it is to help them. It might not as
> complicated or multi task as your package offered.
> I hope the students will get informed if their laptop were stolen and leave
> their apartment. Is it possible?
> Thank you. Hope to hear from you.