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Re: [Prey-Security] Can't set reporting method

Drew Reece Jun 19, 2012 8:51 AM
Posted in group: Prey
Are you using a proxy, internet filter or internal firewall?
The installer uses https to contact the control panel so it should connect securely & setup the account. Filters/ proxies can affect this.
Re-download the installer incase you somehow have a bad version

The alternative is to install in 'standalone mode' & setup the config manually, then launch prey with check mode to setup it's schedules.

On 19 Jun 2012, at 16:03, Ang wrote:

> Hi, I've tried to set up prey on my laptop but every time I try to set up the reporting method, this happens. I've tried it in two locations with different internet connections (not sure if that was the problem) but that doesn't seem to have affected anything. I honestly can't get it to work, which is kind of disappointing. Would it be possible to get help with this? Thanks.
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