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Re: [PPPRS] Re: Hello All 2011 Season is among us. Here's the Official discussion

Sanctioning Body Mar 15, 2011 5:05 PM
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by all means ask anything else that comes to mind.

some of the stuff I want to include in the packet for you are info on how to set up the track, how to set up the track for race day, how to organize your crew of race marshals, and other race day stuff.

Also lots of check lists. Holy hell, lots of checklists.

On Tue, Mar 15, 2011 at 6:37 PM, Luis Rodriguez <> wrote:
Very helpful, thanks!

Luis E. Rodriguez

On Mar 15, 2011, at 6:23 PM, Jim Burke <> wrote:

The Big Five Rules:

1. Changing the power from 24v to 36 RMA to the motor
2. Permission of Any wheels, (sans go-kart or racing slicks)
3. $500 budget limit excluding safety costs (re; brakes) , powerwheels body, and batteries (with $150 you-took-this-too-seriously buyout which means the sanctioning body can buy any powerwheel for $150 if a team gets too serious)
4. Dimensions limit (excluding height)
5. Teams will be required for inspection to prove these rules and be able to perform a 0-15-0mph test to prove power capability and the fact that it does indeed have a method of stopping.

Basically you start with a powerwheel and you literally hack and mod it until it can support a motor that powerful, a person that size and a battery that heavy. So yeah, the shell of the power wheel will most likely be all that remains. However this is critical, cause it is a Power Wheels racing series, not an electric go-kart series. This is the tongue-in-cheek part of the rant.

While I strongly encourage as many teams as possible to sign up, I strongly advise people form teams of 3 people or more. This is not a rule, but from past history it is much easier for a group to complete the project than an individual. I also stress that kids are not covered under any insurance and all drivers should be 18 years or older (check your state laws)

KC race is a points race. That is it is part of the championship. The season finale is at Detroit. Basically it is a two race season. Teams that attend both series will be most likely to win a championship.

Transponder stuff should be entirely within CCCKC hands. Keep in mind that as a franchise event you'll be entirely responsible for collecting these items to pull everything off. Things like barriers, tires, and possibly spare batteries for each team should be considered when seeking this year's series sponsor. I would strongly work with make to secure the funding to do this.

I'll be working on some of the packet tonight, but like I said, it'll be launched late March.

On Mon, Mar 14, 2011 at 3:56 PM, Luis Rodriguez <> wrote:
I know your super duper busy but what are some THE basic rules that I can do a teaser promo about the event? I've had a ton of inquiry about only using stick motors etc... DO we just need a powerwheels body or what? Also what is the feeling about teams from the KC area? While we do have two groups (hackerspace/makerspace) can individuals compete? We've got a ton of interest from folks like art students etc... Also to be clear are people qualifying to compete in Detroit or are points/awards to each race? I was guessing the latter but though it would be awesome to have folks accumulate points in KC. We are launching our blog for and CCCKC will be doing a blog/tweet/facebook blast soon. I just want people to know the basic facts with the stipulation that more info and the official rules are coming. Any news on the transponder or should CCCKC come up with that for our area? Collaboration? Ok enough free-writing.