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Re: portablecontacts-unofficial: PortableContacts for Facebook and Twitter

Joseph Smarr Feb 23, 2012 8:56 PM
Posted in group: PortableContacts
Cool! Wanna share more about this project of yours? :)

On Thu, Feb 23, 2012 at 4:50 PM, Tom Holder <> wrote:
I tied this in to our new product (which has a POCO compliant API on
it), took me 20 minutes :) awesome.

Really great to see more movement with POCO.

Will try and give something back to this project as soon as possible.


On Feb 22, 8:25 pm, Ryan B <> wrote:
> hi all! i've just finished and posted a little side project:
> From the blog post:
> "I've just published portablecontacts-unofficial, a stand-in
> PortableContacts server for major sites that don't implement it
> themselves. It currently has implementations for Facebook and
> Twitter, deployed at these endpoints:
> They complement the unofficial WebFinger providers
> (
> I published last month, which I've updated to include Link elements
> pointing to the new PortableContacts endpoints.
> Both are just little side projects, and they may not be hugely
> useful on their own, but together they're another step toward
> implementing OStatus bridge apps
> ( for
> more of the major social networking sites.
> Feedback and pull requests are welcome!"
> here are example links to plaxo's poco test client that consume output from
> these two sites:
> (facebook) (twitter)
> --

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