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Re: Spotify resolver

Lucas Gonze Sep 14, 2010 3:39 PM
Posted in group: playdar
How do you remote control playback in the Spotify client, Steven?  Is
there a libspotify call for it?

On Tue, Sep 14, 2010 at 2:08 PM, Steven Robertson
<> wrote:
> I'm interested in developing a Spotify resolver for Playdar. I've
> looked into this and convinced that it's feasible, started some
> prototyping with libspotify-sharp and then C and Erlang integration
> with C looks useful in this case in particular.
> I intend to complete the resolver in C as an external program with
> byte-oriented communication with Erlang, the preferred Erlang
> interfacing technique, then as a module in Playdar - specifically to
> support cross-platform usage rather than depend on Mono - though
> libspotify-sharp would seem to be a better option than other language-
> bindings currently available (Ruby or Python).
> The licence for libspotify might not allow it and it would be a shame
> to make the effort and be unable to provide it. I'm hoping that we'll
> be able to confirm this. Spotify could provide one of the best sources
> for a resolver, and worth having a premium account, for me at least,
> if it can provide a content resolution and streaming service within
> the Playdar integration framework. It could be one of the best.
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