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Play 2.0 beta and Typesafe collaboration

Guillaume Bort Nov 16, 2011 12:03 AM
Posted in group: Play Framework [deprecated]
Hi everyone,
This is an awesome day for Play framework, and I’m really proud of
this moment. We have two great announcements today.
To start, we are happy to present the first public release of Play 2.0
in the form of a beta package. We have worked hard to achieve this
beta version and we are half way to the final 2.0 version.
Here it is:
This beta will give you an almost complete preview of the Play 2.0
experience, including the native Scala support, the new possibilities
provided by the sbt integration, and all the new APIs. It comes with
several Java and Scala sample applications you can start experimenting
with. And following the first documentation draft at you can start creating
your first applications as well. Please give it a run around the block
and report back any issues you find.
The second exciting news is that Play 2.0 will be part of the upcoming
Typesafe Stack 2.0, to be released in early 2012. Typesafe is the
Scala company, founded by the creators of the Scala programming
language and Akka middleware. Our vision for Play framework and
especially for this 2.0 version is completely aligned with Typesafe’s
focus on creating a modern software platform for the era of multicore
hardware and cloud computing.

You can read the official typesafe announcement and Jonas Boner
(Typesafe CTO) post on the typesafe blog.


Play 2.0 is already built on key pieces of the Typesafe Stack,
including Scala, Akka, and Simple Build Tool (sbt), making Typesafe a
very natural choice for the Play framework future.
This Typesafe collaboration is really a good news for all Play users,
as the company will contribute new development resources to the open
source project, new key components like the integration with the Scala
IDE for eclipse, and will provide commercial support and maintenance
services for Play 2.0.
Peter Hausel, a long time contributor on Play framework who worked
with me on the first Scala module experiments has joined Typesafe to
synchronize the Play framework efforts on their side. The current
contributors, and particularly Zenexity will continue working on the
open source project, and I will keep leading the project.
Zenexity and Typesafe will work together on Play framework and the
future of Web Oriented Architectures in general. To go forth in this
tight-knit collaboration, I'm honored to join the Typesafe advisory
board next to James Gosling, Doug Lea and Willy Zwaenepoel, while
keeping my current position at Zenexity.
Additionally, although Typesafe is a Scala company it doesn't mean
that Play 2.0 will become a Scala-only web framework. All components
of the Typesafe stack provide seamless integration with Java; Scala
being natively compatible with Java libraries, sbt providing build
system for both Java and Scala projects, and Akka having a Java API as
If you happen to be at Devoxx this year, I’ll present Play 2.0 on
Wednesday with Sadek Drobi, CTO of Zenexity, who works on the
architecture of Play2.0, including the new awesome asynchronous and
fully reactive core engine. Also we will both join the Typesafe booth
where we will demonstrate the new features and talk about all these
exciting changes.
Play 2.0, and the new collaboration with Typesafe opens up incredible
prospects for the project’s future. It is the beginning of a new era
for Play framework -- get started today by trying out the beta
Have fun.
Guillaume Bort