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[2.0] announcing Play 2.0.2

peter hausel Jun 26, 2012 5:58 AM
Posted in group: Play Framework
Hi guys,

We are happy to announce the availability of Play 2.0.2! This is by far the biggest release in Play 2's short history (47 tickets closed vs 2.0.1's 19 tickets) and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we do!

- updated libraries (lessjs and google closure compiler etc.)
- remote address support
- Testing improvements (optional bytecode enhancement on tests, running multiple functional tests at the same time etc.)
- Promise improvements
- IDE improvements
- introduce external assets mapping with full support for hot reloading
- watch and reload plain module and sub-play projects
- more flexibility for Java form validate() operation
- etag enhancements (Etag strings are quoted, Last-Modified and If-Modified-Since are used to determine a possible 304 if etag didn't match)
- fix `play dist` shared artifact issue
- WS bug fixes
- switch sbt to 0.11.3 (this was necessary due to the fact that repository was terminated, potentially causing artifact downloading issues)

Full changelog:

Installation instructions:
1) download the whole package from here 
    (changing play version to 2.0.2 in project/plugins.sbt will work *only* if you use the new play script or the 0.11.3 sbt launcher)

2) change sbt version in project/ to 0.11.3
(related note: the new play script won't work with projects where sbt is set to 0.11.2 in project/

Happy playin'!

Play team