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[2.0] When deployed on Ubuntu 10.04 cant detach from console

Thomas Felix May 4, 2012 1:37 AM
Posted in group: Play Framework [deprecated]
Hi everyone,

yesterday I tried to deploy my app in production mode on a Ubuntu 10.04 vServer box. I have problems with compiling it on my vServer because of memory issues. Sometimes it works, sometimes it fails, so my approach is to do a

play clean compile dist

on my Windows machine and put the resulting .zip on the server. There I try to invoke the start script like the docs said. Everything fine so far. But the doc says:

"If you type Ctrl+D, the Play console will quit, but the created server process will continue running in background."

This does not work for me, I see the console output of the play server and pressing Ctrl+D does nothing. Ctrl+C actually kills the whole server. I am using Putty on Windows to ssh to this machine. Could this be the problem? My solution so far was to type Ctrl+Z to suspend the foreground job und put it in the background with bg command. Is this the right solution (if so, why its not in the doc? :D)?

Oh and in case you are interested what I have done with the framework: ;) Next thing I try is the i18n feature and a translation to german.

best regards!