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Re: [play-framework] Play 1.2.5rc1 released!

Nicolas Leroux May 6, 2012 3:00 AM
Posted in group: Play Framework [deprecated]
I don't think the eclipse compiler was renamed, it is a new version of the lib. I think git is somehow confused.


Nicolas Leroux

On Sunday, May 6, 2012 at 12:32 AM, Grzegorz Słowikowski wrote:

Hi Nicolas

Some notes from me.

Two versions of xstream library: xstream-1.3.jar and xstream-1.4.2.jar.
Remove the older 1.3 version.

"org.eclipse.jdt.core-3.8.0.v_C18.jar" is a renamed "v_C03" version from
Play! 1.2.4. Why is it renamed? Maybe someone wanted to upgrade,
but didn't do it. The rename operation was part of the issue #1440. This
file should be renamed back to "org.eclipse.jdt.core-3.8.0.v_C03.jar"

hibernate-c3p0 and hibernate-ehcache dependencies were added as part of
Are they really needed? I don't see any place in the code using them.
Tattletale report shows that no other library depends on them.

"jboss-logging" is a dependency of hibernate libraries. It's version was
upgraded from 3.1.0.CR2 to 3.1.0.GA in Hibernate 4.1.1.
Hibernate version upgrade from 4.1.0.Final to 4.1.1.Final was done as
part of ticket #1431
but jboss-logging version was not upgraded. It should be. Better late
then never.

Unnecessary *.iml files in the zip distribution

Grzegorz Slowikowski

On 2012-05-01 23:32, Nicolas Leroux - committer wrote:
Hi all,

The long awaited 1.2.5 is nearly there. The RC1 is released and you
can grab it here:

The changes in this release are listed in the "Play 1.2.5
on Lighthouse, including 86 resolved tickets. The most important
changes are:

* fixed multiple continuations/await bugs
* security fix for hash-colission-atack
* JNDI DataSource
* improved chunked transfer/streaming support
* all libraries upgraded, including groovy, hibernate 4.1.1 and netty
* web socket support for all browsers

If no major bugs are found, 1.2.5 should be available by the end of
the week.

Nicolas Leroux
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