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Re: [VOTE] PSR-3 Logger Interface

Jordi Boggiano Jan 4, 2013 11:52 AM
Posted in group: PHP Framework Interoperability Group
> +1 (17): Paul M. Jones, Fabien Potencier, Karma Dordrak, Evert Pot,
> Larry Garfield, Lukas Smith, William Durand, Ryan Parman, Brett Bieber,
> Paul Dragoonis, Paul Scott, Andre Romcke, Larry Masters, Cal Evans, Phil
> Sturgeon, Robert Lemke
> -1 (0): ~

Mike van Riel voted as well before the end of the vote on the 27th, so
now that I am back online here is the final tally:

18 out of 26 members voted +1. Nobody else voted. PSR-3 is now
officially in. Thanks everyone!

Whoever has access please merge the PR and rename the file to
accepted/ (please use this filename so the
links I already put in the psr/log package will start working).


Jordi Boggiano
@seldaek -