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Re: [VOTE][Accept] PSR-4: Autoloader

Phil Sturgeon Oct 2, 2013 4:42 AM
Posted in group: PHP Framework Interoperability Group
Ok guys, this is going to be an unexpected action but it's something that needs to be done.

I am pulling this Acceptance vote. 

Voting is closed, and all votes here are void.

The reasoning for this is quite simple: while people are generally supporting the idea (and the vote would have passed in 3 and a half hours) there has been some troubling feedback from a few members which I feel inclined to support. PSR-4 is going to be a huge thing, and if we pass it half done then we are doing a disservice to the PHP-FIG and the entire PHP community in general. 

The concern is that while the idea is technically sound, the wording is confusing, sometimes open-ended and the doc does not stand up on its own merits. 

Cal Evans said:

> I understand it enough to say I am in favor of it. However I'm not sure I could write code matching it without some trial and error.

This is exactly the issue. 

Bernhard and Mike vR also say that if they both had more time they could provide pull requests that would clear up their own issues with the document. I cannot happily allow a vote to pass which will let this document be set in stone forever, just because folks were busy this week.

Mike is going to be at PHPNW in a few days as will I. We'll get some of this sorted, and this also gives Bernhard time to have his pull request sent in too. 

I'm sorry about the last minute madness, but I feel like it is literally my job to make these calls as co-ordinator for this PSR. 

Sorry Paul.