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LocalStorage or SQLite data will no longer be backup and can be deleted

Sam Jan 7, 2012 7:12 AM
Posted in group: phonegap
Hi all,

I hope I am wrong, but after installing iOS5.1 beta2, I see that the
app data of my phonegap app are now stored in the Library/Cache
folder :
See this screenshot my app data in iExplorer :
(before it was in Library/WebKit folder).

So now, it means that all WebKit Data (sqlite db, localstorage,
indexedDb) will not be backup in iCloud, and worse, they can be
deleted if the phone has a low memory problem.
Some link :
and the story of InstaPaper (for deleted data stored in Cache) :

I will work right now on a backup of my users data on my own servers.
I have users using my apps since 2 years, and they have generated a
lot of data. It would be catastrophic if they loose everything. Hope
Apple will fix that. Maybe we should fill a bug report?