Thursday Photo Tip #1: Rule of Thirds

.iznogud Sep 26, 2007 11:40 AM
Posted in group: Photography tips, hardware, and software
So what do we do now, to DO or NOt to do Ro3?

And I am really curious now - how would you rate photos I posted? I posted just a selection - perhaps one in 50 from shots I've saved - and I think I can definitely see that I did use this rule, and on the other hand - there certainly are some of my photos where I did not employ this Ro3 thingie...

I've also read, on the (Rockwell's site) that all one should care about is - getting a good shot, and pay attention to no rules... but than, your explanation of the rule does sound logical, if you observe it rather as a recommendation or measurement, than taking it as a "must"...

hmmmmm. :roll: