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Re: LCD interface with Panda

Leo Sun Apr 22, 2012 6:52 PM
Posted in group: pandaboard

Hi  Soujanya,
   I am also trying to driver a MIPI-DSI interface LCD on Pandaboard ES + ICS (Kernel 3.2.0)
After surfing on the internet several weeks. I find this
Maybe the dsi driver(dsi.c) of Kernel 3.2.0 has problem to drive the hardware.

Good luck!

Leo Sun

Soujanya於 2011年6月24日星期五UTC+8下午5時06分34秒寫道:
       I am trying to interface a Truly LCD with pandroid on MIPI
interface any one ever tried to interface any LCD with Panda....can u
provide me with some details regarding that