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Ubuntu Precise 12.04 - TI OMAP Release PPA Update September 2012

Boudet, Xavier Sep 4, 2012 5:25 AM
Posted in group: pandaboard
Hi there,

A major update has been done on TI PPA. Please read the below e-mail especially for upgrade.
If you do not have installed the TI release PPA, please refer to New installation procedure.

New installation procedure:
  1- Add TI OMAP release PPA:
    $ sudo su -
    # export http_proxy=<your proxy if any>
    # export https_proxy=<your proxy if any>
    # add-apt-repository ppa:tiomap-dev/release
  2- Perform the upgrade:
    $ sudo apt-get update
    $ sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
    $ sudo apt-get install ubuntu-omap4-extras
  3- You can re-run a dist-upgrade for safety at the end, then reboot

Update procedure:
1- Perform the upgrade:
    $ sudo apt-get update
    $ sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Post Installation Important Information:
* after the installation/update, it is advised to log as default user and to execute:
    # On Panda 4430: 
    $ /usr/bin/alsaucm -c Panda set _verb HiFi 
    # On PandaES 4460: 
    $ /usr/bin/alsaucm -c PandaES set _verb HiFi

* You need to force installation of new bootloaders through command:
    $ sudo /usr/sbin/flash-kernel --update-bootloader

* It is advised to use Ubuntu 2D instead of Ubuntu (3D) default UI. Nevertheless, main compiz issues have been fixed.

* In some cases, you might need to re-install dkms packages: after reboot,  check if omapdrm_pvr module is loaded, if not execute following command before to reboot:
    $ sudo apt-get install --reinstall pvr-omap4-dkms

New/Fixed in August 2012 release:
 * Kernel bug fixes:
- SmartReflex Class 1.5 enabled with stability patches
- IVAHD Power management (turning off IVAHD in between frames)
- Temperature sensor fix
- Add ARM HW ERRATA 743622, 751472 and 742230, PL310: 769419, OMAP: i659, i608, i705.
- upstream patches + bug fixes:  suspend and wake-up fixes, reduced/fixed timer interrupt occurrences (twd)
 * H264 and MPEG4 video encoder. No camera support yet but Support for combo use-cases such as: v4l2 usb camera -> preview -> encode -> decode -> display.
   Below is an example of VTC (videoconference) e.g. V4L2 USB webcam + preview + encode + decode + display, using V4L2, DRI2 and PVR.
     gst-launch -v v4l2src ! stridetransform ! queue ! tee name=t \
     t. ! queue ! dri2videosink sync=false \
     t. ! queue ! ducatih264enc rate-preset=low-delay profile=100 ! h264parse ! ducatih264dec ! queue ! pvrvideosink sync=false
 * Decoder issues Fixes.
 * Xrandr Rotation Fixes.

Known Issues:
* BT is not supported
* Black screen issue on some HW - workaround: boot with screen un-plugged, plug it after 1 minute. Issue under investigation.

updates for bug fixes in the PPA, so make sure to keep your system up-to-date!


The 'top-level' ubuntu-omap-extras will install the following packages:
 - ubuntu-omap-extras-multimedia: another meta package that installs all the requires packages for MM use case:
   * GST, a modified version still compatible with all Ubuntu apps such as totem
   * gst-ducati and libDCE the main components that bring MM h/w acceleration into the system
 - ubuntu-omap-extras-graphics: meta package that pulls in all GFX components including new X11 driver (binary blob) and SGX kernel module (source using DKMS to build)
 - ubuntu-omap-extras-config: some config scripts to set some permission issues, and to ensure that the Ducati firmware is loaded at boot time by upstart.

This release comes with the following major changes:
 - DCE interface for the h/w accelerated codecs - already there in 11.10
 - migration to rpmsg driver (aka syslink3, see and
 - DRI2 extension for Video support (
 - migration to a new open source X11 driver for OMAP ( )
 - a new GST video-sink: dri2videosink to display video through the SGX (instead of v4l2sink). For more information, see
 - Linux 3.4 kernel, Ubuntu kernel will be replaced. This kernel is largely based of Linaro kernel, and sources are available here: Linux-image-<version> package version correspond to a tag ti-ubuntu-<kernel version>  in this tree.
 - ...


Xavier Boudet