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Re: [p2pu-community] [Berlin] Reflection on my goals, leaving Berlin

Alison Cole Jul 27, 2012 10:23 AM
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recruiting a few more members of the SoSI team to help offer more support

I'm your girl!

On Friday, July 27, 2012, Dirk Uys wrote:
Sounds good!

I'm also interested in supporting face to face learning experiences. Especially in places like SA where connectivity can be problematic.

Looking forward to the year ahead!


On Fri, Jul 27, 2012 at 12:30 PM, Alan Webb <> wrote:
Good People (as Bekka would say),

I wanted to thank you for all of the support you have given me and for making it possible for me to come to the Berlin Popup office.  

I made really great headway this month on the planning and writing a few pieces that are going to be used by the first Open Masters group this Fall.  And, thanks to some of the conversations we made the space for here, I now have a whole lot more clarity about what I can do around here to be as valuable as I can be.

I started to make a list of goals I have for my work with P2PU this year, coming out of this experience, and I realized I might as well share it with you all for you for feedback and for help holding me to my goals.  Do you mind if I share?  I also know that the staff is doing this too and thought doing this as a non-staff community member might be a nice show of solidarity (it's scary to share goals, isn't it??).

I expect to be working on the following things this year, in basically whatever order I get the opportunity to do these things....

Primarily, I'll be:

1) Spreading the concept of the Open Masters in the world and trying to inspire and support more groups who want to start that process together.  The more groups there are in the world experimenting with this idea and trying it out, in their own way, the better.  I know there's some interest brewing in Toronto, State College (PA), NYC, Asheville (NC), Berlin, and the Utrecht (Netherlands).  I'm keeping myself really flexible this year so that I can travel to wherever that interest grows to help play the catalyst role in whatever community needs it most.  If you want me to come to yours, let me know!

As much as I can, I'll also be working on:

2) Supporting anyone who wants to create cool open courses related to social innovation and social entrepreneurship and run them with SoSI In terms of where I put my priorities, I'm spending most of my time trying to get potential partners like Ashoka U, Work on Purpose, and Hub DC to help co-brand and launch courses with us because I really want to experiment with large distributed courses with potentially as many as hundreds of local f2f groups joining around the world.  

However, it's been admittedly a little hard for me to keep supporting all other awesome types of course organizers in the meantime, so I'm also interested in recruiting a few more members of the SoSI team to help offer more support to all types of course organizers and course hosts who come through the door.  In particular, I'm looking for someone who wants to help build out more of a process for casual learners to be invited and challenged incrementally by us to become more engaged as course creators, courses hosts, and eventually even coaches of other creators and hosts... both to give learners a progression they can follow from course taker to course maker, and to make sure that the support for SoSI courses stays P2P as the number of courses grows.  I hope I'll be working with Bekka, Vanessa, Alison, and anyone else working on the "first 30 days" experience.  

Talk to me if you're interested in working on that as a project.

3) Help encourage groups at conferences and retreats to launch peer-led courses online to continue their interaction after online, and help document whatever works to help others replicate that.  I'm hoping to experiment with that some through the Bonner Foundation and the Sullivan Foundation network in particular this Fall, and we'll see where else that can go.  I'll of course be sharing what I do and looking for feedback and looking for a good ongoing exchange of ideas from other folks doing this kind of work.  The amount of conference and retreat work I'm getting is growing so I hope to have more opportunities to play with this this year.  I'll also be exploring creating online "courses" related to topics I am most commonly helping organize workshops or retreats on.  

Talk to me if you know about more social entrepreneurship or social innovation workshop or retreat possibilities where I could help out.

4) Looking for more ways that P2PU can support face-to-face learning groups- and organizations that do th