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It's them damn "black cars" you have to look out for.

Jerry Wexler,lmt/nct

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Thanks for the video.

Some of you guys think that that bridge is crowded?!  You guys need to
bicycle commute in the Los Angeles area.

The video never shows a single car in the left lane except when they
are passing the cyclist.  Did you see what happened?  There was the
bus - silver car - black car.  The bus passed the cyclist right as the
black car went to pass both the silver car and the bus.  The black car
moved back into the right lane to overtake the bus on the right and
rear ended the cyclist.  The silver car was able to stop short of the
black car.

From what I see, the black car was DRIVING RECKLESSLY.  Every single
other vehicle in that video was able to uneventfully pass the
bicyclist.  The video was captured at 3 pm, not rush hour.  Except for
the concrete barrier on the right, that would be a great road to ride
on -- it is completely underutilized with a wide open left lane to
safely pass the cyclist.

On Apr 9, 6:00 pm, Paxton Little <> wrote:
> This is the video of the hit and run from the traffic cameras.

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