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Re: Ole Miss Cycling Club kit re-order

Peter Reed Apr 22, 2012 8:52 AM
Posted in group: Oxford Cycling
Hm.  That wasn't exactly what I was expecting, but it did get the
order form up front and visible...scroll up to attached excel doc.

On Apr 22, 10:50 am, Peter Reed <> wrote:
> I'm just forwarding this back to the list in hopes that folks can find
> the order form more easily.
> Rather than volunteer Carol for another kit ordeal, I'll be happy to
> deal with the re-order.  If you want a kit item, you'll need to:
> 1.  Determine your preferred item and size (ask around--people here
> can be helpful about sizing);
> 2.  Reply to this post, indicating the items based on the order form
> (you don't have to fill out the form, just clearly indicate to me the
> item).
> 3.  I'll be happy to answer questions, but please post your order on
> this online forum--I can't lose it that way.
> 4.  Please, let's get this in by Monday, April 30.
> 5.  Write me a check.  If you're on campus, you may drop it by the
> English department (in Bondurant Hall), or you may contact me for my
> address to mail it to me.
> The quicker you get the money to me, the sooner we order.  Let's do
> this up front.  You guys are all wonderful people, and I'm happy to
> use my credit card, but the university does not pay me near enough to
> lose money when you change your mind or never pick up your jersey.
> Thanks,
> Peter
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> From: Carol Livingston <>
> Date: Nov 9 2011, 6:53 pm
> Subject: Official Ole Miss Cycling Club kit items now ready for
> ordering!
> To: Oxford Cycling
> Hello all,
> It is now time to order your official Ole Miss Cycling Club jerseys
> and
> shorts!  I know a lot of people have been waiting anxiously while the
> club
> was organized.  You may see the designs at the Ole Miss Cycling Club
> page
> on Facebook!/media/set/?set=a.122142324556988.18367.121...
> I will be having two fit "parties" for trying on Ole Miss Cycling Club
> kit
> items before ordering them.
> The first "party" will be this Friday evening, November 11, from 7-9
> pm at
> my home.
> The second will be on the following Friday evening, November 18, from
> 7-9
> pm also.
> Both of these dates correspond with Ole Miss home football games, so
> this
> should be convenient for the out-of-towners who cycle and are fans of
> Ole
> Miss.
> My home is in Lexington Pointe apartments, behind Applebee's on West
> Jackson Ave.  Turn onto Heritage Drive at the light at Applebee's.
>  Head up
> the hill.  Turn left at the end of the row of the one story
> storefronts
> with the green roof, but BEFORE you get to the two story office
> building.
> Follow the main "drive" through the property to the far end and turn
> left.
> Building 9 will be to your left.  My home is around the back of the
> building on the ground floor.
> I'm attaching a copy of the order form so you will know what items are
> available for try-on and purchase.  All orders must be accompanied by
> an
> order form and must be paid in advance.
> I am also attaching drawings of the jersey and shorts design ... let
> me
> know if you want to see any of the other item designs.
> The deadline for ordering items is Monday, November 28, 2011 ... NO
> EXCEPTIONS!!!  The order goes to the manufacturer on Tuesday, November
> 29,
> 2011.
> Email back to me if you have any questions.
> Carol Livingston
>  Kit Items Order Form.xlsx
> 41KViewDownload
>  Ole Miss Cycling Club 16429_Jersey Men's Race Cut RP SS -
> US070001RP_V1.pdf
> 1074KViewDownload
>  Ole Miss Cycling Club 16429_Men's ST Bib Short - US070020_V3.pdf
> 1643KViewDownload