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Re: Weekend race report: MSGP cat 5 success!

Peter Reed Apr 21, 2012 10:02 AM
Posted in group: Oxford Cycling
Nice report.  Sorry about the points/time messup.  FWIW, something
similar happened to me at Fouche Gap two weeks ago--we had two sets of
2-man breaks go up the road, and the officials repeatedly told us that
the break was 4, and they had 2:30 on us.  So some of us who had
wanted to bring the break back in stopped working and waited for the
1.1 mi long finishing climb.  The numbers may have been partially
true, or true of the front two at some point in the race, but in the
final analysis I climbed my way to the front of the field and 5th
overall.  I thought the breaks were out of reach, probably working
together, and uncatchable.  We couldn't see far enough up the winding
hill to tell anything.  Much later, though, I realized I was only 7
seconds off 4th, 3 more off 3rd.  Whoops.  Just a few minutes of work
in the pack, and good luck on the climb, and I could have made the


On Apr 20, 4:19 pm, Robert Garrett <> wrote:
> It was a fun weekend. I got messed up in the points in the road race. One of my teammates got in the break and I blocked till the last mile.
> Before the race, the rules official mistakenly announced that the event was a timed event so "don't sprint unless you are sprinting for top 3 because everyone in the pack will get the same time" he said. I went into the final mile in the main pack and because the break had 3 individuals in it I just rolled through the finish with the pack going around 19 MPH as I talked with another guy. Later that day the official commented that he mis-spoke and the Cat 5 races were point based while every other category would be timed. My strength is sprinting, wish I had sprinted. I got 12th and could have easily sprinted for 4th or 5th.
> Davis is strong. He road the circuit race smart. He road the back of the pack till about a mile out then broke at 500 meters. I am scared of crashes so I hung at the front in an attempt to avoid the crashes. As a result I had nothing at the end.
> It was a fun weekend.
> Robert Garrett
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> On Apr 20, 2012, at 11:32 AM, Peter Reed <> wrote:
> > Congratulations to our own Davis Winstead who placed 7th in the GC of
> > the Mississippi Gran Prix in Brookhaven this weekend.
> > Davis has done some crits, but this was his first event of this size
> > and complexity.  As you may know, the MS Gran Prix has a points-based
> > general classification ranking over three events (a time trial, road
> > race, and circuit race) for the cat 4/5 Omnium.  It's a big field,
> > too--I didn't count, but it's sizeable:
> > In his first time trial ever, Davis placed 7th, :28 back of the
> > leader; in the RR he placed 16th, but his learning curve appears to be
> > fairly quick, and in the circuit race on Sunday he managed a sterling
> > 4th place.  Davis was right in front of the first cat 4 in the 4/5
> > race.
> > It looks like Robert Garrett, over east of us but a presence on this
> > listserv, also had a great race--12th in the RR, 8th in the circuit,
> > and just a few seconds back of Davis in the TT, for an 11th overall.
> > Great work!  Maybe you guys can elaborate on the experience--I love
> > hearing racing reports, always something to learn and laugh about.
> > I would have loved to be there, but I had a little business to take
> > care of representing Oxford on the dirt roads of upstate New York this
> > week.  Next up, Joe Martin Stage Race in NW Arkansas.
> > ~p
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