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Re: [OSXFUSE] OSXFUSE can't mount Truecrypt encrypted NTFS Volume because of a software error!

Paweł Witas Apr 11, 2012 2:12 PM
Posted in group: OSXFUSE

Prefix "fusefs_" is 7 characters long, as well as "txantfs", even with two \0 both should fit in 16 characters. 

Besides that, if there is an error message like  "fstypename can be at most %n characters.", you should inform the user what is the fstypename that causes this problem.
I had to modify this error message to "fstypename %s can be at most %n characters." to be able diagnose my problem. This is the difference between informative and meaningless error messages.

There is nothing wrong in Tuxera NTFS 10.1 and I won't buy a new version, because I have already solved my problem. 
I understand that its authors had to shorten fstypename "txantfs" to make it compatible with OSXFUSE.