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Re: [orientdb] Re: getEdgesBetweenVertexes syntax

David Forslund May 4, 2012 9:11 AM
Posted in group: OrientDB
Thanks!   What fields or attributes of edges does the "label" correspond to?

On 5/4/2012 3:04 AM, Luca Garulli wrote:
Hi David,
this is the Javadoc of the method:

* Returns all the edges between the vertexes iVertex1 and iVertex2 with label between the array of labels passed as iLabels and
* with class between the array of class names passed as iClassNames.
* @param iVertex1
*          First Vertex
* @param iVertex2
*          Second Vertex
* @param iLabels
*          Array of strings with the labels to get as filter
* @param iClassNames
*          Array of strings with the name of the classes to get as filter
* @return The Set with the common Edges between the two vertexes. If edges aren't found the set is empty

So use it as:

db.getEdgesBetweenVertexes(v1, v2, null, new String[ "EdgeType" ]);


On 3 May 2012 19:42, David Forslund <> wrote:
I'm trying to use the "getEdgesBetweenVertexes" method and have had some trouble understanding its syntax.  I have defined an EdgeType and would like to use that to discriminate on the edges.  The two optional arguments are labels and types.  Is the types argument the edgetype?  Also, what field is the "label"?   Can I pass a null argument for the labels if I want to just specify the type?