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Re: [osgs] Re: Updating OpenSocial Compliance Tests...

Matthew Marum Feb 25, 2011 2:27 PM
Posted in group: OpenSocial and Gadgets Specification Discussion
Attendees: Matt Marum, Ryan Baxter, Chris Cole, Andy Smith, Jon Beri

Action Items:
Working on gathering some QUnit extension tests from his end.
Investigating OAuth curl as a tool for writing scriptable REST compliance test.
Come up with a framework & transform for linking compliance tests to the assertions in the OpenSocial specification.

Continue working on migrating existing tests to QUnit
Investigate Shindig automated tests to see if there's any that could be used as compliance tests

Chris -
To generate/find a useful compliance datastore and attach to Shindig issue.

Meeting again next Friday, same time.  All are welcome.  Follow link to add meeting entry to your calendars.
OpenSocial Compliance Tests 3/4/11 Checkpoint