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[GSOC 2012] Desktop Web Client For OI Apps

Bhaskar Kandiyal Mar 23, 2012 5:50 AM
Posted in group: OpenIntents
Hi all!

First of all an introduction, I'm a student doing my masters in Computer Applications from Delhi, India. GGSIP University (if it's relevant :P). I'm a Linux user since 7 years now and would love to help out in an open source project to give something back to the community.

I'm interested in the GSOC idea for creating a desktop web client for OI applications. I have an extensive experience in developing Android applications, although I do it mainly for fun and personal use and I've not released any in the public (planning to do so with my latest application though).

The implementation in my opinion would be better in a web browser rather than a separate standalone desktop client simply for accessing and managing OI apps as users don't usually want to install a separate piece of software just to do a simple task. Although it would be easier to develop a standalone desktop client ;) (if we rule out all the cross-platform headaches that is).

I have made a demo application called OIServerDemo (well, I couldn't think of anything else for now) (, you can checkout the source from here:
For now, it just generates static HTML pages for OI Notepad's notes and serves them using a little HTTP server library. The interface for now is crappy but, well, it's just a demo app :)

Also, an .apk file is attached. Please note, it works only on Wifi (as it should and is well stated in the ideas page), so it won't work in the Emulator.

Please provide feedback and kindly excuse any bugs or lack of optimization and the crappy interface as I made it in a hurry :)

Cheers :)