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Re: Populate eSignform from external web app

geoman Oct 14, 2011 3:57 PM
Posted in group: Open eSignForms Developers
Thanks for offering but I.m sure there's no need to request an
enhancement.  I'm sure the product works just fine the way it is.
Your last statement seems closer to what I want to do though.  I'll
try another angle...  Let's say I already had the data on the server
side in a java object.  Instead of re-posting the data through the web
via HTTPS to the "start URL", is there a way to start the transaction
from the server side, from Java, then push the data from my Java Bean
(already populated with data) into the "transaction data object"? I
guess you could say, I want to *inject* data into the transaction data
object *after* the transaction has been started but *before* the first
form is rendered to the client's browser.

On Oct 14, 5:39 pm, Open eSignForms <> wrote:
> On Oct 14, 10:52 am, geoman <> wrote:
> >  was also wondering if there are any exposed APIs/
> > interfaces that might allow access to the transaction data object
> > directly?  For example, if I process the external form on the server
> > side, and I have the user-entered data (in XMLor Java objects), is it
> > possible to push data into the the transaction data object before
> > invoking the eSignForms transaction?
> I'm not sure what the scenario you are describing is precisely, but
> currently there's no such capability.  That is, the transaction data
> object is created when the transaction is created.
> Couldn't you just hold the data until you were ready to start the
> forms transaction and then post the data then?  If you can explain the
> requirement better, perhaps we can add an issue to track it as an
> enhancement.  It sounds like you want to start the transaction and
> push the data in, but have the transaction wait until another trigger
> to move it forward.