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Re: [opendatabc-society] PayPal setup

Kevin McArthur May 9, 2012 12:53 PM
Posted in group: opendatabc-society
Luke can you link us to a site that uses a rapidssl cert? Their own site
seems to have an equifax root cert, and the servertastic one uses verisign.



On 12-05-09 12:50 PM, Luke Closs wrote:
> You can get a cheap SSL cert here for $14
> I've used them for a few sites.
> On Wed, May 9, 2012 at 12:41 PM, Herb Lainchbury
> <> wrote:
>> Quick update on the status of our membership forms, etc..:
>> I think the membership application form is pretty much good to go.  I will
>> send out a link sometime soon for us to test it.
>> have been going back and forth between the bank and the PayPal trying to
>> establish our PayPal account.  I have uploaded several documents to PayPal,
>> which I am hoping is now complete.  Need to wait a day or so to see if that
>> all goes through.
>> I will be purchasing a SSL certificate for the site so we can secure the
>> membership application, and will install that once I get it.
>> I am hoping to have all of this in place in the next day or two, at which
>> point we can start accepting applications.
>> --
>> Herb