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Academic journal articles on Open Badges?

Doug Belshaw Jun 13, 2012 11:35 PM
Posted in group: Open Badges
Hi everyone,

I'm going to be attending, and potentially speaking (with Carla Casilli) at the ePIC conference in July and I'm speaking at the eAssessment Scotland 2012 conference in August.

One of the organisers of the latter conference has asked me if I'd like to write a paper to be published in the proceedings. I'd already been thinking about working on academic journal articles around web literacies and Open Badges, so this appealed to me.

Three questions:
  1. Have we got a list of existing academic journal articles about Open Badges? (I've only seen this one, I think)
  2. Are people working on/collaborating with others on articles right now?
  3. Would anyone like to collaborate with me on something around web literacies and Open Badges?


Doug Belshaw

(Badges and Skills Lead, Mozilla Foundation)