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Re: OMAC 2.0: What iOS DAWs need to implement to have fun with synth apps via virtual Core MIDI

Dave [WhiteNoiseAudio] Nov 4, 2011 11:04 AM
Posted in group: Open Music App Collaboration
Genome is adding support for listening to Song Position / Song
Continue messages in the next version, along with program change
messages. It implements a lot of what you mention already, more stuff
like Pan / Volume in a mixer type interface is stuff I'd like to add
in the future. All this stuff is nice, but right now there aren't a
whole lot of apps that support all these messages yet, so I'm not sure
I would call them 'must have' features.


On Nov 3, 3:47 am, "nlogmusic (TempoRubato - NLogSynth)"
<> wrote:
> Hi
> I like to sum up here what iOS DAWs need to do to have fun with synth
> apps via virtual Core MIDI. FL Studio & MusicStudio already
> implemented some part of it. I am not sure wether this was
> intentionally or a by product, since there intention war probably more
> about
> real external hardware control as their UI naming suggests, but it
> works also for virtual Core MIDI synth apps running in the
> background.
> This video shows it all:
> Ok, here comes the list.
> 1. Implement a MIDI Out option for your instrument tracks
> 2. Provide a way to mute or at least silence your own virtual
> instrument
> 3. Provide a Core MIDI control panel to activate MIDI Out
> 4. Dynamically update when new Core MIDI devices found
> 5. Provide a way to map different tracks sending MIDI Out to different
> MIDI devices either by MIDI channel selection or MIDI device
> assignment per track
> 6. Send MIDI Note Off messages when your DAW transport stops
> 7. Implement background audio for your DAW that it keeps running in
> background when switching to the synth apps
> 8. Implement a pure MIDI track type (instead of silence your own
> instruments, saves CPU)
> 9. Send MIDI transport messages Start, Stop & Continue
> 10. Send MIDI Song Position Pointer messages
> 11. Have an option to send MIDI clock messages for sync'ed devices
> 12. Send MIDI Vol & Pan CCs when user operates Vol & Pan controls in
> your UI
> 13. Implement further automation which can be mapped to MIDI CCs and
> send to the synth apps for filter sweeps etc.
> 14. Have a little MIDI Program select panel per track, save setting in
> your project file and send it to the synth apps
> 15. Implement automatic audio copy & paste for track freezing and
> final audio mix down:
> This is described here in detail
> further down in the discussion
> 15. Engage in the OMAC group here, bring your own ideas, have fun!
> Cheers
> Rolf