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Re: Traffic Engineering C++ Implementation in OMNET++

Alvaro Barradas Apr 10, 2012 7:16 AM
Posted in group: OMNeT++ Users
Hi Dinesh

Generically speaking, I think you can take the following approach:

Have a clear idea of what variables are being manipulated in your TE algorithm. I expect these variables to represent some components of the network whose behavior you want to improve.
If you already have (as you mentioned) a simulation model of the network, you already have a 'virtual' representation of both their components and behavior. Then you have to find out how these components and behavior are coded in C++ variables and methods, in particular those that are supposed to be manipulated by your TE algorithm. Knowing this, you also know where to act (recode!) in order to implement the new behavior.
For the last part maybe you should work 'near' the developers of your model (unless you have the programming skills to change it)

Hope this helps

On Monday, April 9, 2012 7:30:14 PM UTC+1, Dinesh Kumar Lakshmanan wrote:

Hi All,

                I am Dinesh doing my Thesis on Optimization in mobile networks. I have developed my new traffic engineering algorithms using Mixed Integer Programming solver. Next step is, I am planning to implement the algorithm in my OMNET++ simulator, where in my group we have developed our own simulation framework model for our project. I don't have clue how can we possibly implement a new traffic engineering algorithms using C++ in OMNeT++.  I kindly request you to provide some guidance to help me.

Thanks in Advance!!!!