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Creating Graphs

Andrew Hardy May 19, 2012 7:12 AM
Posted in group: OMNeT++ Users
I have spent hours and hours reading the userguide and trying to create
graphs but I am still failing I would really appreciate some help.

When I go to file\new there is no menu item for creating an analysis
file as the userguide suggests
finally I have to right click on the simulation folder and select new
and not select the file menu
is it worth ammending the manual in this regard?

I add the scalar and vectopr files to the input section of the analysis
file's tabs and only the vector file appears in the lower pane
so all the reamaining tabs when scalar is selected there is no scalar
data available.
I looked in the scalar file manually and the scalar data I would expect
is in there!

I am calling record() on two vectors, I have applied break points to
check that these calls are definitely being made correctly
However the vector file only contains data for one of the vectors and
when I filter the data on * in the anf file tabs the other vector
does just not appear.

If I create a dataset and add the vector that I do have then add a line
chart below that
if in the line chart creation I select vector and filter on the *.name
of the vector, no lines are created.
If I try to use the autocomplete that the little icon next to the filter
field saus the field has and
type the name of the network followed by '.' I get no offers, I also try
*. and get no offers.
So no lines added, no graph -
No scalar and missing other vector so very limited data.

Perhaps I am just a 'stupid person', but I am tearing my haior out
trying to get this to work and I would be very grateful if someone would
take pitty on me.

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