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bugs(?) in SolrSearch plugin

Maurice Bouchard Apr 5, 2012 12:48 PM
Posted in group: Omeka Dev
I'm running Omeka 1.5 and checked out the latest SolrSearch plugin source from svn.  I found a couple of bugs and a couple of things that could be bugs.  I'm not sure this is the correct place for reporting the bugs but I don't see anything on the Omeka site or the ScholarsLab site.  Someone will set me straight if I'm in the wrong place :-)

First the bugs:
Line 221 and 223 in /helpers/SolrSearchFunctions.php have $#022; for the closing quote around the facet.  It should be 

Second, the questionable behavior:
Solr is working fine with Omeka data outside of Omeka, i.e., through the solr admin tools.  The plugin, though, seems to form queries incorrectly, for example, searching for 'fabric' on my site, I get no results; the search query is

Changing the 'textinput' to 'solrq' solves the problem, as in,  Is this a valid fix?  I'm not sure what a valid query is supposed to look like.  It feels like a hack to me.  Similarly, clicking on a facet yielded a malformed query with /?solrfacet=  Again if I changed ?solrfacet= to ?solrq=  I'm laughing but I don't know why.  Lastly, I still have an issue with searching for a keyword AND a facet.  I get a query string like:

The "+AND+" seems to be the problem.  Removing that manually in the URL input box gives a good result, but I haven't found it in the code yet.

I am running multicore Solr 3.5  You can see the admin for each core (omeka and virginia) at if that helps.

Maury Bouchard
Simmons GSLIS - DCL