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Book search help wanted

Ken Jun 4, 2011 8:30 AM
Posted in group: Ohio in the Civil War

I recall some years back that there was published a 2 set books about
the Army of the Cumberland.  I never looked at it and was wondering
if this 2 vol. set would be good for me to understand battles of
Missionary Ridge to Atlanta namely the 14th Corps with Palmer.  I did
a search at Abe books and came up empty unless I entered the title
incorrectly.  Another book set 2 vols. titles Soldier in our Civil
War.  Maybe not the exact title but came up empty on the
search.  These 2 vols. are really oversized and big.  Any help
appreciated.  I went to Amazon too and somehow my browser doesn't
allow me to go to the next page in my search  Maybe their server
and/or my computer is to blame but next page browser works at Abe
books.  Thanks.