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D.E. Wittkower Feb 28, 2012 6:42 AM
Posted in group: Occupy Thought

Crap. I forgot one other thing: Share this with your local occupation! 

On Tuesday, February 28, 2012 9:21:00 AM UTC-5, D.E. Wittkower wrote:

If we all set a little time aside today or tomorrow, this should be very successful. Please pitch in—just a few minutes help will make a big difference.

1. Please post to academic and political groups
There's an announcement below, slightly improved and updated from the draft sent previously. Please modify it however you wish and send it to relevant/interested groups, listservs, etc. Think about where you get your news about actions and projects: please send it there!

2. Please forward to people you know who will be interested
A personal invitation makes a big difference in participation. Contributors, please think about who you'd like to hear from about your writing, and tell them so.

3. Please share on Facebook
Here's a note I posted in the Facebook group. If you're on Facebook, please share!

4. Respond to one of our authors
If you have a bit more time sometime this week, read one of our articles and post a response! Just a quick response would be helpful to get the conversation going, so other readers feel more comfortable commenting as well. You can always go back to post a more detailed response later, if you want.

If you have other ideas for getting the word out and generating interest and participation, please send them to the group here!

Announcement below. Please copy/paste/remix/post as you see fit.


Call for Reviewers, Contributors; First Papers Released: #OccupyThought 

Occupy Thought is a project to bring together and publish theoretical work on and from the #occupations, including writing from both concerned theorists and theoretically-minded activists. 

Our first group of 12 papers has been released, and we are currently conducting open peer review. We invite everyone to read and respond to papers here: 

An important aspect of this project is the commitment to be responsive and responsible both to traditions of inquiry and to contemporary action, and the open peer review process invites responses from activists, academics, and every combination of the two. Please take part in this effort and help us build a productive and collaborative dialogue between theory and praxis, and between theoreticians and practitioners. 

Additional contributions to the project will be posted as they are received, and are welcome until March 20th. We encourage submissions from theoretically-minded activists and from academics whose work may have a bearing on political action. Further details on submissions are available in the original CFP, linked to from the site above. 

Inquiries welcome: d.e.wittkower at 
Join or stay informed about the project at:!forum/occupy-thought